What to bring to your appointment

  • 1 Passport Sized Photo

  • All fees are CASH only.
  • Valid government issued photo ID requested.  Please bring the original document and 1 photocopy. (Ex: Passport/Driver’s license/ Ontario Card/ IFH refugee protection claimant document.  Health Card is not a valid ID) Photocopier charges will apply if you didn’t bring photocopy of your documents.  
  • Letter or medical form (IMM 1017) issued from immigration department.  We’ll provide IMM 1017B form if you’re coming for Upfront Medical.
  • All current prescribed medications name (in English) and dosage instruction. 
  • All current prescribed medications name (in English) and dosage instruction.
  • Any specialist and/or surgical report (in English).
  • If needed, a person who understands English should accompany you in order to fill out your personal information in English, such as your name, address, email address and your medical history.  We don’t fill out any form for patient.

What to wear to your appointment

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing/shoes.
  • Wear your contact lenses or eye glasses if needed for vision test.

What to eat before your appointment

  • Eat lightly on the day of the examination and please don’t fast.  All patients please take meal and medications before your appointment, especially your blood pressure medication.

If you require a copy of your completed medical report and test result mailed to you, there is a nominal fee. 

If you have already applied to CIC but have not been told to complete your medical exam, please do not book online, wait until CIC send you the IMM1017 form (it will include IME number).

The X-ray service and fingerprinting service centre for immigration applicants is located in the same building on the same floor.  Please click here to find out more.  Blood work service is walking distance from our office (about 5 mins).   

*** The entire immigration medical including forms filling, documents check and preparation, physical exam, chest x-ray and blood work, all may take about 2-2.5 hours, extra time is needed for: refugees, clients with health issue (ex: hypertension), needs interpreters, upfront medical etc..). Please be patience and pre-arrange your schedule ahead.

*** Walk in will only be process if there is no show and priority always given to those with appointments.